A Touch Menacing by Leah Clifford

Review :

Just finished a touch menacing in record time!!! Holy cow.. So much info..and left at a sort of cliff hanger of sorts argggggh!! I don't want to give anything away but every moment of this book has some revealing quality!! It's nuts! I can't say one thing without giving away part of the book which is why it was such a good book! You are constantly tryin to put the puzzle pieces together and when you think you have it... TWIST!

The only big difference in this novel vs. the proceeding two is that this one not only has you reading from Eden's perspective but Gabe,Luke, Kristen, Jarrod, and perhaps 1-2 ppl forgetting. So you'll be on the precipice of getting an answer at the end of the chapter then next chap. Is a perspective switch so you have to wait and let it play out, guess, he'll skip ahead (I did at one point just for answers) til you figure it out. Haha

Either way this book rocked! There are a couple points that I didn't like but those I'll let you determine on your own. Same amazing writing your use to.. Amp up the action and secrets/secrets revealed and a jaw dropping ending you have : A Touch Menacing!!!! Let me know how you liked it!!

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