Review :

I picked up a copy of this book this past June, with all the focus on LGBT Pride month. As social perspectives on homosexuality have changed over the last couple of decades, for the good, I thought this might be an interesting read. And, it was! Going back to the very foundations of our country, Bronski very insightfully examines the social dynamics and perspectives of various phases of our history. He exacts details of situations and events that precipitated changes within our culture. He notes both the religious challenges and encouragements; the connection between women's rights and the civil rights movement for blacks, and how they dovetail into the more recent experience for gay people. Interestingly for me, he did a wonderful job of showing how WWII was perhaps the true catalyst for change in the 20th century when it came to the understanding of human sexuality in general, and development of LGBT perspectives in particular. Throughout the book Bronski lifts of numerous people, in all walks of social life, who not only were gay, but who help to bring about change in attitudes amidst our country.

LBGT people still have a long way to go to be fulled accepted, welcomed, and made and equal part of our cultural expression. Yet this book shows a positive trajectory which I hope will continue forward, rapidly, for the full inclusion and welcome of LGBT people in America.

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