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I'm the second reviewer of this book and the first thing I will say is that the first reviewer had it all good...this is MOST DEFINITELY a 5* Star Book one of the better books I've ever read. It was short and to the point and was chock full of fantastic tips many I've not heard before and many others I was so grateful to be reminded of. This is one of my relatively rare lifetime recommendations as I've stated in my other reviews these are literally books I've read that I will recommend for a lifetime and hope to read more than once. These are the books (as is this one) the kind of books that I know (either personally or just by reading) that when I did or if I did/will/do follow the advice contained within the pages of this book it would make me a success in this area....100% guaranteed. This book is one of those rare few you run into that is a life changer in your life one of those books that you fly through so quickly that you're reading the last page sadly wishing there was even more. This is the book that increases the motivation and the willpower and the excitement desire and passion that is contained within that has been ready to come out for longer than you even knew. Take an hour or a couple of hours a couple days a couple weeks even a couple months but in the next year you need to purchase this book and read it in its entirety. You need to make notes in this book and answer any question there may be in it as well as follow the advice contained within immediately. You are guaranteed to see that with action, persistence, determination, and never give upness you will find that you have changed your life for the better as a result of this book! Now get goin...you got this s$&%!!

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