A Moment for Me - Catherine Polan Orzech

Review :

"I once thought that equanimity meant a serene, unmoved peacefulness that rose above difficulty, an elusive state that I rarely experienced. But what if equanimity just means embracing and allowing the messiness of life Irritation, sadness, and grief - these too are a part of the whole human experience." - A Moment for Me

Embracing the messiness of life is a bold and powerful statement, especially in the world right now. Embracing the anxiety, the worry, the sadness, the joy is not always easy. I think for me it's allowing myself to have the feelings and not go numb. To sit in them - that's the hard part - and that's where A Moment for Me can help.

Split into 52 different exercises, one for every week of the year, A Moment for Me offers simple and peaceful ways for us to breathe and find balance in small moments everyday. I loved how much I could feel my body relaxing as I read reminders and ideas on how to be present and live in the moment.

For those of us who sometimes have a hard time with meditation during stressful seasons, I think this book will be the perfect companion to find peace without expectation. Orzech describes these 52 moments in her book as acts of love instead of meditation. Just a simple moment to love yourself, meet yourself where you are. Absolutely recommend this for the busy humans out there that just need a moment.

"Intentions take faith. When we start with the intention to walk, we begin each step - without consciously realizing it - by falling....Every step is a leap of faith."

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