A Map Is Only One Story Twenty Writers on Immigration, Family, and the Meaning of Home

Review :

This essay collection was outstanding, and truly highlights why Catapult is the best of the best. These 20 essays are from a wide variety of writers and artists, each grappling with home/identity/family/borders in different ways. It struck me while reading - especially Victoria Blanco's essay on El Paso/Juarez border, and Nur Nasreen Ibrahim's essay on the partition between India and Pakistan - how arbitrary and oftentimes meaningless borders are, yet how they impact our lives, histories and relationships in such profound ways. This book achieves so much because it showed me how much I have to learn about countries all over the world, and also I felt myself profoundly relating to the emotions in this book - especially in Kamna Muddagouni's essay "How to Stop Saying Sorry When Things Aren't Your Fault."

I couldn't recommend this collection more highly. Gorgeous essays to be deeply felt and discussed. We - particularly White America - have a long way to go as an American society in terms of honoring the true humanity of immigrants and refugees. "Necessary" is a word I tend to avoid in my reviews because it's so overused, but yes, this book is necessary.

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