A Full Life Reflections at Ninety

Review :

Jimmy Carter has led one very interesting life. I wasn't actually inspired by this book, but that was my fault. I didn't realize when I began reading it, that this book is more a reflection on Carter's entire life. The minutiae and the legendary.

An engrossing read. Expect this one to be more like a biographical sketch. I'm glad I read it. There are some fabulous stories within these pages. I'm a sucker for a great story. I think the story about his first senate race in Georgia and how his opponent cheated was one of my favorites. I am still laughing about the proposal in senate that people be prohibited from voting after having been DEAD for THREE years It was a different world back then.

The book is well-written. Erudite. Carter's poetry is quite good. I first sighed when I realized there was poetry. I'm a poet and reading bad poetry is painful. His poems are excellent though.

An enjoyable read. I think the next book I'll read by him will be The White House Diaries.

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