A Deadly Education

Review :

- harry potter but feminist, darker, and with way more diversity
- a school that has a mind of its own, is crawling with monsters intent on attacking students and has giant scary voids that throw spell books at you
- students having to fight their way out
- only half of each class manages to make it out alive
- female character who's a loner (everyone thinks she dabbles in dark magic), mean on the outside, sarcastic, and perpetually exhausted and can conjure up spells for mass destruction
- male character who's the popular resident hero everyone loves, is soft, and dumb (but in a cute way) and who keeps rescuing the protagonist and won't stop following her around
- female character going from being annoyed by him and wanting to kill him to being friends with him and rescuing him herself
- the perfect SLYTHERPUFF dynamic
- good female friendship development

this has really been handsdown one of my favorite reads of this year so far. ADD THIS TO YOUR TBRS IMMEDIATELY!!!

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