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90 Days Thru the Bible is a wonderful reading tool for those looking to better understand God's word. It starts with Genesis and takes you all the way through Revelations. It is a wonderful study guide if you are wanting a deeper understand of the Bible in a short amount of time. Even while this book doesn't FULLY explore the bible it gives you the major principles and reflect on how every one is beneficial to God's story.
Not only is it easy to understand but it breaks down each chapter of the bible and creates an easy to understand devotional with questions for reflection at the end.
It is broken down with The Old Testament being Day 1, Genesis 1-3 Day 2, Genesis 4-11 Day 3, etc.
The Bible is the best book out there if you ask me, but it is also a very complex book for even the most genius of those who read it. We excel at some points in the bible, but can completely miss some of the major events without even realizing it.
This book will help with exactly that and give you a better appreciation of God's word, as well as His journey.
I think it would be best used as a reading tool as you read along with your bible. After exploring chapters in the Bible itself you can read each devotional in this book to delve deeper and gather a better understanding and appreciation of God's word.
Especially useful if you want to understand the Bible in more depth, but just don't have the time to make church classes, etc. It's a very insightful, informative study tool that all Christians would benefit from having, and gives a clearer understanding with those who want one.
What I especially loved about this book is the transformation it can make on your own life and understanding of God. It is encouraging, nourishing, and uplifting to say the least. It's soul-fulfilling.

::From the back of the book::
Embark on a 90-Day journey to understand the heart of God's story like never before.

You may believe the Bible's overall message, but have you truly grasped the whole story We know God's message of love is so simple that even a child may embrace it, and His epic story is complex enough to mystify even the most curious intellect. We want to understand the Scriptures more deeply, to fully share in the Great Story that God has been telling throughout the ages, though perhaps we aren't sure where to start.

In 90 Days Thru the Bible, acclaimed writer Chris Tiegreen and Walk Thru the Bible guide you through the various sections of Scripture, meditating on how each story and theme, like the pieces of a puzzle, beautifully contributes to God's masterpiece of love, faith, and salvation. You'll come to understand the true heart of God-and the awe-inspiring story He's telling in your own life- in an incredible new way.

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Disclaimer: I was provided this book for free through Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.

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