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I have a collection of books on my shelf that say stuff like get over it, do it now, force yourself, just begin, and so on. These kind of platitudes work in the short run, but for me, they soon wear off. I think the reason why the 60-Second Self Starter is effective for me is that is actually lays out one strategy after another, in the form of story, an anecdote, or friendly advice so you can follow along and buy into the suggestions being offered. There are enough tips, 16 all, so you can always focus on one or another that is bound to work for you on any given day. Early in the book the author suggested you don't necessarily have to proceed through in chronological order. You can skip around from tip to tip as you feel like it, and you'll still gain some good ideas on how to get started when you feel yourself procrastinating. This is proving to be true to me, and so I can offer this book a solid recommendation.

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