52 Ways to Wow Your Husband - Pam Farrel

Review :

I have been reading this book for the last week, while trying to keep it hidden from my husband, which I was able to do successfully. Then tonight, I sit down to write this post with the book beside me and my husband comes over and picks it up and says "Have you read this yet" with a big smile. He then told me I wow him everyday . . :) I just couldn't believe that after I had hid it all week he see's it tonight! But anyway - let me tell you about the book.

This book has 52 chapters - (52 weeks) - with a different idea for something special you can do to "wow" your husband. You can get a better idea of this by reading the first chapter below. For me, the book just opened my eyes to how little I know about certain areas of my husband's life. I remember doing all sorts of fun stuff outside the house before our youngest son came along and how quickly our together time has been squashed for family time. Family time is important - but we need to be strong together before we can be strong together as a family. I am going to be spending the next few weeks really paying attention to what my husband does in his free time, what he does to relax, what some of his favorites are - and then I am going to be preparing some "wow" dates. I have already started devising some things I can do in October - as that is the month that we started dating. This book definitely has the ability to draw us closer together, and I am looking forward to it!

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