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Review :

Excellent book presenting a huge number of ideas from different times of the history, and authors from all over the world. The book is centred around the idea of wealth, abundance vs scarcity, prosperity vs poor, charity vs loan,investing, saving, doing what you love, believing in yourself,etc.
The authors present the idea of prosperity from economical, political, spiritual point of view, also whether this is something external to us, or internal and part of ourselves.
Many of the authors highlight the same idea: the wealthy view the world as a place of abundance and possibilities, refusing the idea of limited resources. They believe there is enough for everybody, and if your mindset is on success, that is were your focus and your path are going to be.
I enjoyed most the chapters on Richard Branson with the Virgin Story, Rhonda Byrne and the movie she made, T Harv Eker about the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Howard Schultz about building Starbucks, Anita Roddick and the principles behind The Body Shop...but most interesting was Joe Domingues & Vicki Robin on Your money or your life, which sets out the ways people think about money: as power, as security, as happiness, as evil...but Dominguez and Robin come up with another definition: it is something you trade your life energy for.

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