30-Second Quantum Theory The 50 Most Thought-Provoking Quantum Concepts, Each Explained in Half a Minute-Icon Books (2014)

Review :

Early ideas in the book touch on the bizarre, almost mystical nature of the basic building blocks of all that we know. Multiple universes, being in two places at once, being intimately tied to particles far, far away, how all of this raises questions about free will. Then we find these aren't wild, magical, unproven speculations, but key aspects of how our DVD players and MRI machines work.

I found this book thoroughly engaging and mind-blowing. It made sense (as much as any of quantum theory can) to someone whose main contact with physics since leaving high school has been science fiction. It's clear at points that some topics require many prerequisite steps before fully understanding, but the authors do a very impressive job of conveying the gist of specific subjects to a general, but interested, audience. The book includes engaging biographies of some of the major physicists involved in the development and application of quantum theory, and is chock full of illustrations without which I suspect it would be far more challenging to tell the story.

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