The Story of Human Language

Total Length 18 hours and 16 minutes

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"I never met a person who is not interested in language," wrote the bestselling author and psychologist Steven Pinker. There are good reasons that language fascinates us so. It not only defines humans as a species, placing us head and shoulders above even the most proficient animal communicators, but it also beguiles us with its endless mysteries. For example:

* How did different languages come to be?
* Why isn't there just a single language?
* How does a language change, and when it does, is that change indicative of decay or growth?
* How does a language become extinct?

Dr. John McWhorter, one of America's leading linguists and a frequent commentator on network television and National Public Radio, addresses these and other questions as he takes you on an in-depth, 36-lecture tour of the development of human language, showing how a single tongue spoken 150,000 years ago has evolved into the estimated 6,000 languages used around the world today.

An accomplished scholar, Professor McWhorter is also a skilled popularizer, whose book The Power of Babel was called "startling, provocative, and remarkably entertaining," by the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The London Times called him "a born teacher." And Steven Pinker, best known as the author of The Language Instinct, offered this praise for the book: "McWhorter's arguments are sharply reasoned, refreshingly honest, and thoroughly original."

Course Lecture Titles
1. What Is Language?
2. When Language Began
3. How Language Changes - Sound Change
4. How Language Changes - Building New Material
5. How Language Changes - Meaning and Order
6. How Language Changes - Many Directions
7. How Language Changes - Modern English
8. Language Families - Indo-European
9. Language Families - Tracing Indo-European
10. Language Families - Diversity of Structures
11. Language Families - Clues to the Past
12. The Case Against the World's First Language
13. The Case For the World's First Language
14. Dialects - Subspecies of Species
15. Dialects - Where Do You Draw the Line?
16. Dialects - Two Tongues in One Mouth
17. Dialects - The Standard as Token of the Past
18. Dialects - Spoken Style, Written Style
19. Dialects - The Fallacy of Blackboard Grammar
20. Language Mixture - Words
21. Language Mixture - Grammar
22. Language Mixture - Language Areas
23. Language Develops Beyond the Call of Duty
24. Language Interrupted
25. A New Perspective on the Story of English
26. Does Culture Drive Language Change?
27. Language Starts Over - Pidgins
28. Language Starts Over - Creoles I
29. Language Starts Over - Creoles II
30. Language Starts Over - Signs of the New
31. Language Starts Over - The Creole Continuum
32. What Is Black English?
33. Language Death - The Problem
34. Language Death - Prognosis
35. Artificial Languages
36. Finale - Master Class

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