Luminescence Trilogy - J.L. Weil

Category: Bestsellers, Paranormal, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Brianna Morgan's life hasn't always been a walk in the park. Losing both parents in a tragic car accident was not easy to deal with for a seventeen-year-old. But she's adjusted well considering, that is until a new guy at school stirs things up.
Expand text... Gavin Mason is wickedly hot, and his stormy sapphire eyes are shrouded with mystery and secrets. Brianna is drawn to him, but he isn't the guy who captivates her dreams. Lukas Devine looks like the boy next door and it's his sunny face that heats up her unusual slumber. Brianna never felt normal. But when Gavin reveals things that could change her world forever, opening her eyes to impossibilities, Brianna is forced to face her destiny. Will she embrace what is hers by birthright?

Amethyst Tears
By: J. L. Weil
Narrated by: Courtney Parker
Series: Luminescence Trilogy, Book 2
Length: 6 hrs and 51 mins

From the moment Brianna Rafferty found out she was a witch, she knew, even by supernatural standards, she was different. Although she had answers, there was still one burning question...was she good or bad?

To top it off, Lukas is alive. In the flesh, and he is as dreamy as ever. Problem is, Brianna can't figure out the words to tell Gavin. When the two actually meet, it's a freaking disaster. Fists flying. Magic swirling. Tempers flaring.

Ugh. Boys.

Being destined to become some kind of super witch isn't exactly awesomesauce. The more Brianna uses her magic, the more trouble seems to find her - buckets of it. Turns out her magic might be more dangerous than anyone bargained for.

By: J. L. Weil
Narrated by: Courtney Parker
Series: Luminescence Trilogy, Book 3
Length: 6 hrs and 49 mins
Release date: 02-09-18

Light and dark - polar opposites. That is how Brianna sees Gavin and Lukas. One is the brightest stream of sunshine, and the other as dark as twilight.

Brianna Rafferty is a clàr silte - a witch with the power to strip others of their magic. Her gift both scares the bejesus out of her and thrills her.

Her future is bleak and troublesome, filled with uncertainty. There are those who cloud her decisions, make her doubt herself and what she feels. Sometimes it takes more than courage to make the ultimate sacrifice.

In the end, she will have to face her toughest decision yet. There is evil working among her, threatening all those she loves. In a journey of self-discovery, Brianna will do whatever it takes to protect them. No matter the cost.

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