Juliet Ace - Young Victoria

Scripted by Juliet Ace, based on the letters and diaries of the young Queen Victoria, this portrait of her younger life and the happy years of her marriage, reveals some of the remarkable and long-lasting achievements of this extraordinary queen.
  Starring Imogen Stubbs as Victoria.
  With Anna Massey as the Duchess of Kent, Adrian Lukis as Prince Albert, Selina Cadell as Baroness Lehzen, John Rowe as Sir John Conroy/MP/Lord Aberdeen, Christopher Cazenove as Melbourne, Andrew Wincott as WAG/Prince Ernest/Page/Anson/Cubitt, Terence Edmond as William IV/Stockmar/Peel, Thomas Arnold as the Prince of Wales Bertie/Paxton, Clare Corbett as Princess Vicky/Helena and George Allonby as Prince of Wales Bertie as a child.
  Producer: Cherry Cookson
  First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2001.

Omnibus, part 1 (1-5)
1. Clipped Wings
The reflections of the young Victoria as she turns sixteen.
2. Looking for Love
Talk turns to a suitor for the young princess.
3. The Young Queen
The young princess turns 18, and William IV dies.
4. The Learning Process
The coronation captures the heart of the nation.
5. The Wedding
The Queen proposes to her husband of choice.

Omnibus, part 2 (6-10)
6. The Newly Weds
The honeymoon is all too soon over for Albert and Victoria, as pressing matters of state require her attention. But their happiness is made even greater when their first child is expected.
7. The Family
A gunshot alarms the royal couple.
8. Albert's Achievements
The Prince Regent plans the first international exhibition.
9. The Marriage of True Minds
The Crimean war looms and Victoria has her ninth child.
10. The Death of Albert
Victoria mourns for her mother while Albert is tormented by Bertie.

Juliet Ace - Young Victoria - Omnibus, part 1

Juliet Ace - Young Victoria - Omnibus, part 2