Category: Sci-Fi

Summary: The bizarre case of Alistair Crompton

He is a tortured soul. Separated at an early age from two conflicting personalities, Alistair Crompton has hatched a daring scheme to reintegrate himself. Installed in different host bodies and dispatched to distant planets, the two other Alistairs have developed lives of their own: Loomis - as grossly self-indulgent and amoral as Alistair is moderate and prim. Stack - as vicious and impulsive as Alistair is meek and cautious. What happens when the original Alistair reengages himself first with Loomis, then with Stack? Discover for yourself in this odyssey by one of the grand masters of science fiction. It's mind-bending.

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Crompton Divided 01

Crompton Divided 02

Crompton Divided 03

Crompton Divided 04