Addy's Story Collection - Connie Rose Porter (6 Unabridged Audiobooks)

Narrated by Cynthia Adams

Length (6 Audiobooks): 5 hours and 56 minutes

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Book 1 - Meet Addy
Book 2 - Addy Learns a Lesson
Book 3 - Addy's Surprise
Book 4 - Happy Birthday, Addy!
Book 5 - Addy Saves the Day
Book 6 - Changes for Addy

Meet Addy Walker, a courageous nine-year-old girl growing up during the Civil War. When her poppa and brother are sold to another plantation, Addy and her mother take the terrible risk of escaping to freedom in the North. To get away safely, they must leave Addy's baby sister behind in the slave quarters-her cries could cost them their freedom. As Addy and Momma slowly build a new life in Philadelphia and struggle to bring their family together again, Addy comes to realize a powerful truth-freedom has great costs.

Meet Addy (Ch. 01 - Book 1)

Meet Addy (Ch. 02 - Book 1)

Meet Addy (Ch. 03 - Book 1)