Absolute Power (series 1 ) a British comedy series, set in the offices of Prentiss McCabe, a fictional public relations company (or 'government-media relations consultancy') in London, run

It started in 2000 on BBC Radio 4, lasting until 2004 with the fourth and final radio series. A six-part television series ran on BBC Two towards the end of 2003; the second six-episode television series ran on BBC Two on Thursdays at 10 pm from 21 July to 25 August 2005. A one-off radio episode was broadcast on 3 November 2006.

The title is taken from a quotation by the historian Lord Acton that "power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely".

Absolute Power - S01 - E01 - Conservative Party

Absolute Power - S01 - E02 - Relaunch Of The Sun

Absolute Power - S01 - E03 - Mayor Of London

Absolute Power - S01 - E04 - The Church Of England

Absolute Power - S01 - E05 - Radio 3

Absolute Power - S01 - E06 - English Sporting Success